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One of the things I do before starting a healing session is call in the directions and my helping spirits, including my ancestors and descendants.

One time in particular a couple of weeks ago as I was connecting with my ancestors and descendants, I was struck with a deep, visceral understanding that our ancestors and descendants are not just our blood relatives. Most of our ancestral lines are so complex as to be almost a moot point anyway – which branch do we follow, and don’t we all end up reconvening in the same place? Our bones are made of the same earth, we breathe the same air that has been moving in and out of lungs since the beginning of time, the same water that flows through the planet’s streams and rivers and surges in the oceans is the same the runs through our bodies. All of our bodies. The fire of the sun burns in our bellies and hearts, propelling us forward.

Everything that is here has been something else before. And our descendants, all those who come after us, inherit the quality of air, earth, and water we leave behind. Our bodies will decompose or be burned and transmute into other beings, other bodies, starting the whole process again. (A great book about the afterlife of our bodies is Mary Roach’s Stiff). Our descendants inherit the legacy of our actions, the results of our words, the energy of our hearts and intentions.

We are all of the same family, descended from the same ancestors, creating a future together, breath by breath.

“You are made of stars.” – Serbian Proverb

Joshua Tree Sunset, © Lynda Skeen

Joshua Tree Sunset, © Lynda Skeen

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