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Just a reminder that we don’t need to accept being bullied, whether in our personal or professional life. Sometimes we need to take care of ourselves in different ways depending on the situation, but remember – you are loved, you are worthy of respect, and you don’t need to diagnose or treat a mentally unstable or unwell person unless you are qualified to do so. You don’t need to cover or make excuses for someone who is treating you badly. Again, remember, you are worth being treated well. Love yourself.

Lynda Skeen's Shamanic Musings

Emotional bullies show up in all walks of life, and can be psychologically immature or very sophisticated.  Whether you’re a shamanic practitioner, a bus driver, a school teacher, doctor, office worker, or waitress, it’s important to maintain healthy boundaries while you’re working with other people.  It’s not only ok to have healthy boundaries, but it’s crucial if you want to maintain your own health and sanity, which you’ll need if you want to be able to continue to be of service. 

A tree without healthy boundaries can’t be a tree.

“You can’t reason with unreasonableness,” a dear friend once told me.  If you’ve considered another viewpoint and still come back to your own as true for you, some will call you stubborn and close minded.  But it’s not stubbornness to have a point of view.  And it’s not stubbornness to walk away from anyone in your life, including clients, who…

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No mud, no lotus (a beautiful saying of Thich Nhat Hanh’s).
No lotus, no more mud.
No more mud, no more lotus.

No compost, no food.
No food, no shit.
No shit, no more compost.
No more compost, no more food.

If there’s shadow,
there’s light.

If you’re in one of those muddy, shitty, shadowy places,
hang in there. You’re not alone. We’re all in this together.

© Lynda Skeen

Lotus in Hollywood Forever Cemetery, © Lynda Skeen

after St. Francis of Assisi’s “Prayer for Peace”


Surrender to our subtle, quiet mysteries,
and let us help you find peace.
Where there are stormy fires of undigested passion,
where there is the new pain of unreleased injury,
we offer you the cool salve of earth and silence.
Where there is doubt and mistrust,
we offer you the imperturbable elegance
of transformation.
When you are stifled by despair,
we offer our rich castings of promise.
For your sadness, we offer the gentle smiles of our curves.
In our darkness, feel the comfort of shadow.

Release all that no longer nourishes you.
Allow yourselves to slough off the old, to grow,
to acknowledge mistakes,
to say, “this isn’t working anymore, this isn’t right,
this isn’t doing anyone any good.”
Together let us explore the silent, mysterious journey,
the non-linear churnings,
the indispensable winding detours.
Let us turn your leftover mustard greens and sweet melon rinds,
your jagged egg shells and ignorance
into new gardens flowering with broccoli and lettuce,
cherry tomatoes, daffodils, and wisdom.
Let us teach you
of time’s unhurried alchemy.

Till your gardens with kindness.
Slip under the earth’s brittle crust with us
and delight in the infinite, hushed shades of our brownness,
and the fertility of decomposition,
as we wrap our long, comfortable bodies around the world,
transforming the world
one moment at a time.

May the cycle of blessings
and the blessings of the cycle
nourish, sustain, and intrigue you.



(“Worms” © Lynda Skeen, with thanks to the publications Abalone Moon and Tiger’s Eye where it was previously published)

Saving a Worm on a Rainy Day in Seattle, © Lynda Skeen

Saving a Worm on a Rainy Day in Seattle, © Lynda Skeen

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