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There are so many ways to connect with and receive guidance from Spirit. A favorite of mine is to go on a medicine walk. While we can receive insights on any walk, a medicine walk is an intentional walk for guidance where we open up to our connection to All That Is for information. The closer to Nature we can get, the better, but urban walks can work as well. The key is to create sacred space beforehand as you would before doing any kind of ceremony or healing work to distinguish it from ordinary reality.

So to begin, set your intention for the question you would like information on, and create sacred space in your usual way. For me this includes greeting and welcoming the directions, my helping spirits, my highest self, and the land where I’m working, and allowing my body / mind / spirit to shift resonance by rattling, drumming, singing / etc. Once sacred space and intention are set, basically everything that happens during the walk can be considered part of the answer to the question that you are asking, as in journeying.

A medicine walk is a way to bring out your own spirit’s wisdom and to connect to Spirit’s wisdom, to be supported by the other compassionate beings around us who are available to offer their perspective, healing, and wisdom. Pay attention to anything unusual in your surroundings, anything that catches your attention and strikes an emotional chord. Pay attention to your body, to memories, to thoughts that wander through. Sink into your heart as you walk and invite Spirit to connect with you. You are loved and supported. Listen. Breathe. Feel yourself shift into sacred space.

Hold what your experience lightly, perhaps asking as something catches your attention, “If that were an answer, what would it be?” Let it unfold in its own time, which won’t necessarily be instantaneous, although sometimes we do experience the grace of immediate revelations, whose meanings may continue to unfold long after we take off our walking shoes.

I recently went for a medicine walk into the Angeles Mountains to gain some clarity around a difficult relationship. After about a mile along the trail, I turned a corner and, even though I’d been seeing the results of fire damage all along, I had to catch my breath at the particularly profound destruction in this one area. I found myself weeping at the sea of charcoal surrounding me, ashes where pine trees used to rise healthy and green. As I stood on the trail trying to compose myself, a hawk flew from a burnt limb on a closeby trees to a burnt limb on another, and I caught my breath again, this time with joy. I love hawks, and actually don’t get to see them often in this area of the mountains.  I stood still and heard the thought, “Wait… wait…” After a few minutes, the hawk’s mate flew over, and the pair rose out of the trees and circled low over my head for several minutes. I found myself crying from sadness and joy all at the same time.

I had my answer about the relationship – it was about sadness and the joy – not one or the other.  It was about ALL OF IT. It’s about holding both at the same time in my heart.

That was a piece of what I was shown on the walk, to give you a sense of how a medicine walk can work.

It’s important to end your walk in some way other than just getting in your car and going home. It’s a ceremony, and effective ceremonies need a beginning, middle, and end, so make sure to offer gratitude to the beings that supported you on your walk. Thank the directions, the land, Spirit, your own highest self, and any other helpers who worked with you. If your habit is to offer corn meal or tobacco, make an offering, or you can sing, offer a prayer, leave a strand of hair, or offer gratitude in whatever form works for you.

Nature is always speaking to us.  We ARE nature. A medicine walk just opens up the portal of communication between ordinary and non-ordinary reality so we can hear more clearly what Nature is saying.


Happy Walking!

Hawk in Burned-Out Tree, © Lynda Skeen

Hawk in Burned-Out Tree, © Lynda Skeen

Hawk and Mountains, © Lynda Skeen

Hawk and Mountains, © Lynda Skeen

“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.” Pema Chodron

Hawks Circling Overhead © Lynda Skeen

Hawks Circling Overhead
© Lynda Skeen

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