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Journey to a Bug Deva

The more I learn about Spirit, journeying, and the mysteries of what it means to be human and divine at the same time, the more I realize how little I know. Sometimes I have to remind myself of the basics of what I have been shown, the essence of what I have experienced since I began on the shamanic path over 20 years ago:

– everything is alive
– everything is sacred
– everything is connected
– everything can be communicated with

When I was first learning to journey, I was living in a studio apartment in the Tenderloin in San Francisco, taking public transportation wherever I needed to go, working in the Financial District, and suddenly seeing cockroaches everywhere. As a writer, I noticed the pattern and took notes as they appeared on buses, in my apartment, in the office…, did some research, then decided to journey to the cockroach deva, the oversoul of cockroaches, to see if I could connect with its spirit and find a way to make sense of these bugs that creeped me out and intrigued me at the same time.

I’m sharing below the poem that came from that journey, and want to encourage anyone who knows how to journey to connect with the the other life forms that are in your life. Everything is alive, sacred, connected, and can be communicated with. And if you don’t know how to journey, please contact a shamanic practitioner to learn!

Many blessings!


Visit with a Pregnant Cockroach

i visited her or maybe
she visited me
with her ribbed sack of eggs,
just as pregnant as she could be

she burst into my world and
had plenty to say
although all I wanted was for
her to go away

but a cockroach is a cockroach
and they don’t easily quit
but at least there’s no venom
(they don’t sting or spit)

but they’ll jump off your ceiling
and land in your bed then
crawl up your body and
onto your head
they’ll chew through your earplugs and
into your brain then
fester and simmer and drive you insane

and indeed i became her and
she became me and i
went into a creepy creepy place
to be

she said,

we’ll drink from your eye lids at night while you sleep and
nibble on scabs
after all you can’t keep
them you just want to peel them and
give them away
like us but you know that
we’re here
to stay

we’ll outlive your wars and your sprays and your bombs
your chalk and your traps and hotels of glued aplomb
we’ll eat up your food while you’re gone away at work
you know we’re not proud and
at stealing don’t shirk

we just do what we do as
you do what you must

excuse me a second my sack’s about to bust

how did i get here
and why must i stay?
i know you’re just antsy to
give me away but
i rode across town on a #2 bus in a
black leather jacket on a young boy named Russ
he had short blond hair and a cute little smile
so cute, in fact, i thought i’d stay awhile

my brother was killed in a late night attack
by a woman in pink slippers who
got up to fix a snack
she saw him and screamed and threw down her knife ­
it cut him in two and
i had to tell his wife
he lived for a week without his whole head until
he starved to death and
then he was dead

we had him for lunch the very next day
now stop, close your mouth,
i know what you’re going to say
but we’ve heard a few tales of you
eating your own
sometimes for pleasure in
the privacy of your home

we just do what we do
as you do too ­

oh by the way, i almost forgot
(i had a big breakfast and
my memory’s shot)
a woman she sat with her pants at her ankles in the
gutter of 3rd as she squatted to tinkle ­
my sister she jumped right in that chick’s shoes and
while she waited for her ride she took a little snooze

she sent me a dream and let me know she was fine
she’s expecting too and i hope you don’t mind
i invited her family to stay in my nest
i filled it with things from your kitchen ­the best

we’ll stay here and grow and multiply some more
first one, then two, then three, then four
thousand of us and we’ll just keep on fucking
like you
and we’ll breed
for as long as we’re lucky

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