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I started focusing my intention and collecting items to make my New Year’s prayer stick in December, finally putting it in its sandy home at the end of January.  I wanted to make a prayer stick to help me collect my thoughts and help me focus my actions regarding what to do about our yard.  My husband and I had hoped to re-landscape it a few years ago using Xeriscaping techniques and more native plants, but only got as far as letting the grass die, with other projects taking precedence.   And we have also been considering selling our house.  All this to say our property looks awful, and we spend a lot of time griping about how people don’t pick up after their dogs in our front yard, how some kind of a fungus killed our last vegetable garden, etc. etc. etc.

So my prayer stick was for clarity about how much time, energy and money we should invest in our yard and house.  I prayed for more of a connection to the Beings on this property while we stayed here.  And I wanted to know when it was time to move on.

As I focused my prayers and the items I had gathered for my prayer stick, wrapping colorful ribbons and items representing the four elements, the spirits of the land spoke to me, letting me know the missing piece of my prayer:  “Pray for blessings and prayers of gratitude for our time here and all the Beings with whom we share this space.”

Gratitude.  That was the way to connection.  That was the missing piece.

I felt my prayers and energy shift, and was filled with joy and a renewed sense of hope rather than the anxiety about the future that had actually been framing my prayers.

And, indeed grateful for whatever time we do have remaining on this property, I found myself spending more time in the yard.  I found myself singing prayers to dogs and dog owners as I picked up after them, knowing it was only a few of the dog owners in our neighborhood, not all of them, and knowing we can’t put up a fence until a lot of other pieces in re-landscaping happen – which they might not.  I started raking camphor and ficus leaves rather than stressing about whether or not we were going to keep them all if and when we do re-landscape.  We bought some flowers to hang on our front and back porches, rather than worrying about all the planting we haven’t done, and rather than focusing on the plant that was stolen off the front porch in the past.

In other words, I am grateful for this property that I live on, and for the spirits of this land.  My prayer is that we will do right by them, both in the long and short term, but not stressing over what to do in the process.  Making the prayer stick opened the window for them to let me know that was what was missing.  Being grateful.  Connecting with them on a regular basis, whether I end up staying here another month or 50 years.

And they’ve had a lot to say about how this pertains to the rest of my life, how connecting with what is in a state of gratitude is actually the first step to making any changes you want to make in a good way.  Not from a place of anxiety and control, of separation and short-sightedness, but of love and appreciation for what is right in front of us.

I haven’t released the prayer stick yet as I want to let these lessons deepen, and am still praying for clarity about the future, but I am so thankful for the beautiful spirits of our messy yard for sharing their wisdom with me. 



© Lynda Skeen, Prayer Stick for Yard

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