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Shamanic Reiki can help with addiction in many ways, including bringing back parts of you that you have lost touch with through soul retrieval and other techniques, removing energies from your energy field that are not serving you, and relaxing you so that your body’s own healing mechanisms can be activated.


Shamanic Reiki is about restoring your connection to your personal power as well as your sources of spiritual assistance, and is compatible with other modalities you might be using to address your issues.  For instance, if you are undergoing psychotherapy, it will probably be more effective if you have all of your soul parts back.


We can also explore communicating directly with the spirit of the substance you are abusing, or that is abusing you, and start a dialogue with it, which can shift things dramatically.  We can also explore if you are the one who is addicted to the substance in the first place – spirit release oftentimes shifts the dynamics of an addiction.


These are just some of the ways Shamanic Reiki can help with clearing out addictive patterns.  It’s not a magic pill, but it’s a powerful tool that can help you get your power back and help you reconnect to Source, which can profoundly affect your relationship with any addictions.

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