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I recently did a gratitude journey to the spirit of the Ocean for a friend, and was surprised by the attitude Ocean immediately started giving me, asking me for a laundry list of things it needed rather than hearing and accepting the heartfelt gratitude that was already being offered.

I have learned when in the presence of these amazing Spirits to hold my ground when they get feisty, so I paused and said I knew it needed all those things – trash collection, oil clean-up, quiet waters, protection for its inhabitants, etc. – but that I was there to offer gratitude.

She calmed down a bit, but began to express her (I’ll use “her” even though I experienced her as both male and female) frustration at how many people just “appreciate” her beauty without participating in her care or appreciating her power and the multifaceted energies that she is.   She has a lot to teach us about boundaries and interdependence, as well as sheer beauty and power and mystery.

I assured her that my friend did indeed appreciate her, but was on vacation and really needed to connect with the recuperative powers of her beauty.  I asked Ocean if she would accept the thanks being offered, and she said yes; now that she had been heard, there wasn’t such a sense of urgency to get her message across.

I have always loved the ocean, having grown up on the East Coast and now living on the West Coast.  I have spent quite a bit of time at the shore, swimming beyond the breakers, listening underwater to dolphins, sitting on the sand and being lulled into peace by breaking waves…  But this journey gave me a whole new appreciation for the Ocean, and a new level of commitment to taking care of her.

And it was also a reminder of the importance of reciprocity in our connection to nature spirits – as well as all other beings.  We need to make sure our gratitude isn’t just a public relations tool.  We need to really mean it.

I’ve attached some photos I took while at the Pacific Ocean recently.  My heart really is full of gratitude for her beauty, mystery, and power, and I will be spending more time working on her behalf.

Have a beautiful week!

© Lynda Skeen

© Lynda Skeen


© Lynda Skeen

© Lynda Skeen


© Lynda Skeen

© Lynda Skeen




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It’s hot here in Los Angeles. And some of us don’t do so well when the temperature is in the triple digits and the humidity is higher than normal. We crave chocolate and aren’t patient in traffic. We don’t exercise as much outside and get unpleasant to be around. We don’t sleep well, even if we’re lucky enough to have air conditioning.

“Lucky enough… “ Ah – that damned gratitude!

It’s so important to bring ourselves back to ourselves regardless of how sweaty and cranky we might be, to remind ourselves that we’re not just our bodies, and neither are the other sweaty, cranky beings around us. We are divine spirits.

For me, even just a few minutes of yoga and some drumming help me to reconnect to my essence and feel a bit more loving. I might not have as much energy as when it’s perfect weather, but luckily I don’t have to wait for perfect weather to be loving.

So, start right where you are. Breathe. Find something to be thankful for, if “only” for your breath. Keep breathing and expanding your gratitude. Remember that whatever weather you’re experiencing – whether it’s emotional weather or thunderstorms – isn’t you. YOU are experiencing them. Breathe and connect with YOU. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Be grateful.

Ah, that’s better!


Not 15 minutes after I finished writing that and was headed home from my healing space for the night, I ran against some unmarked metal construction plates on the road just outside the alley by the parking garage and punctured my tire. One of my new tires that I had finally replaced after 12 years.

I was thankful I had just written about being thankful even when you’re cranky.

Because I got really cranky really fast.

As I was taking photos of the unmarked construction materials for evidence, watching other people hit them as I did, waiting for AAA to come, seething at somebody’s negligence (I hadn’t found out whose yet…), I had to take my own advice. I took a deep breath and realized I actually had a lot to be thankful for. I was thankful for my car, for AAA, for a road to drive on, for a healing space to be driving home from and a home to be driving home to. I was still angry at the dangerous negligence of the placement of the metal plates, but at the same time, I was very thankful.

Sometimes it’s just about holding space for whatever the emotions are. It’s about compassion for the crankiness – other people’s and your own.

So I’m in the process of making my way through the LA Department of Transportation to have the cost of my tire replacement reimbursed. They’ve been very responsive, but so far I haven’t found the right person to speak with. Suggestions welcome!


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