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We want to help.

We want to watch the news and participate in world events, to assist in whatever way we can to ease suffering and right wrongs.

But it can get to us after awhile.

We need to make sure we are tending to our own needs as well as those of others.  If our vibration has become heavy, depressed, and toxic, we’re not going to be able to help anyone else, and might even cause more harm to them or ourselves.  Like the now-cliché instruction on planes, we need to put on your own oxygen masks before attempting to assist others.

It’s ok to take a break from watching the news, to reduce your exposure to things that are stressing us out that you have no control over, to block people from our Facebook newsfeeds who are ambushing us with negativity.

Beyond taking a break from stressors and removing things that no longer serve us, it’s important to bring in more of what nurtures and sustains us, to create a healing environment around ourselves that we can entrain ourselves to.  Of course it’s best to take care of ourselves along the way, but we should also have an “emergency self-care kit” for difficult times.

Take some time to meditate, pray, or journey to your helping spirits about ways that you can simplify your life of toxicity and bring in higher vibrations.  Consider the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of your life, and engage all of your senses.

I recently journeyed on this for myself, asking my helping spirits for help with detoxing and clarity about what to bring in to my life.

Before I even journeyed, I was reminded about the importance of gratitude.  I spent a few minutes writing a gratitude list, planning to write 50 things I was thankful for.  By the time I got to 25, my heart was soaring, and I was ready to journey.

My helping spirits helped me to release some energies I was holding onto, and reminded me of some things I needed more of in my life:

  • time in nature
  • playing (and not just competitive on-line Scrabble games!)
  • certain colors, like a string of cobalt-blue glass beads to catch the light, or golden sunshine
  • particular fabrics, scents, and music
  • the element of water (a shower, a glass of water, a walk on the beach)
  • more journey time on my own behalf, not just for clients

I was also reminded that I’m not the first person to have a hard time dealing with the heaviness of this plane, and I won’t be the last.  Being reminded that I wasn’t alone helped in itself.

So what makes you clearer, energized, peaceful, more present, more loving?  Get out of the fray, collect yourself, and then you’ll be able to be of service.  I’d love to hear about what makes your heart sing!  Feel free to leave me a comment below, or to private email me.

Here are some photos I took when I spent some time playing out in the woods after my journey, which nurtured me on all levels.

IMG_2131 turtle in woods2 - face

© Lynda Skeen

IMG_2132 turtle in woods3 - eye

© Lynda Skeen


© Lynda Skeen

© Lynda Skeen

© Lynda Skeen

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