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As a shamanic practitioner, it isn’t my role to diagnose a medical condition but to look at the spiritual aspect behind the condition; to look for patterns and the energetic / spiritual dynamics behind the pattern.  Has there been soul loss (of either the client or a body part)?  Power loss?  We can also look at ways of shifting the client’s relationship to their illness or the situation they want to change in their life.

The client then has a responsibility for integrating the shifts made during the session.  Shamanic healing isn’t a magic pill; it’s powerful, but it’s a process.

Sometimes the healing will be about dying well, whether that’s about physically dying or dying to a relationship or some other aspect in life that needs to be release.  Sometimes it’s about the illness or situation being cured in the way the client hoped for.  Sometimes it’s about referring the client to work with practitioners in other modalities as well – it doesn’t have to be either / or, but and / too  (for instance, psychotherapy will work much better if you have all your soul parts back).  But it’s always about living well in the process, which might mean reinterpreting what “well” means.

This is why we can’t give guarantees as shamanic practitioners other than whatever happens will be for your highest good, and why no two sessions are the same, even when two people might come to me with similar issues.  One person’s depression might look like another person’s depression but have very different spiritual origins.

I set my intention to be of service for the highest good, to ease suffering and connect my client to the Divine, then release attachment to what that looks like.  Easier said than done, but that’s my intent.

For more detailed information about the intersection of Western medicine and shamanic healing, I’d like to recommend two recently published books:

  • Spirited Medicine – Shamanism in Contemporary Healthcare, Cecile Carson, MD, Editor
  • “Appendix D – Core Shamanism and Healing:  Information for Physicians and Health Professionals” in Michael Harner’s Cave and Cosmos

You might also be interested in https://lyndaskeen.wordpress.com/2011/08/13/shamanic-healing-101/.

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