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I recently read Marie Herbert’s, Healing Quest, a warm memoir about her pilgrimage in the 1990’s from England to the American Southwest a year after her youngest daughter died unexpectedly, seeking healing from the past and a vision for the future.

I wanted to share a few lines she wrote of her impressions of her visit to one of the pueblos in Taos, New Mexico:

““A pretty white mission church pointed to the center of the pueblo.  I was reminded how alien the invaders, and their religion, must have seemed to the Indians.  From the belief in the sacredness of all life, they were taught that the sacred is separate from the profane.  From the belief that everyone is born whole and at one with the rest of life, they were taught that everyone is bon with original sin.  From a belief system that said wisdom was a stream put forth from the Great Mystery, beyond concepts, words, or form, they were taught dogma.  And from a belief that one should not waste the bounty of this earth, they became witness to the despoiling of their habitat, and the extinction of their great herds of buffalo.”  Healing Quest, by Marie Herbert, p. 105

My hope – my prayer – is that our spiritual practices will allow space for the spiritual practices of others, and that it won’t forget our humanity in its practice of spirituality, for humans, as someone has said so beautifully, are God with skin on (I would expand that to the other creatures beyond just humans as well).  The physical world is where our relationship with the non-physical Mystery is put into practice.

Everything that exists truly is sacred.  May we always remember to treat it that way.

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