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Great Spirit, I come to you humbled by all that my mind cannot understand and that my heart cannot hold.  I ask to stay open and present, to not collapse into separation and fear, which is surely hell, and is surely of no use to anyone.  I ask to remain compassionate, to be able to offer an energy of love, and to serve as a vehicle for healing.


I pray for the peace and ultimate healing for the families of those who were massacred yesterday, the children as well as the adults, for a safe way to process their grief and pain and anger.  I pray for the first responders, who witnessed scenes I cannot even imagine.  I offer whatever assistance I can as a shamanic practitioner to the souls of those who were killed.  And I also want to offer prayers for the family and friends of the shooter, who will be going through their own unique pain and confusion.


Great Spirit, Mystery, Oneness – help me keep my heart open, and to take appropriate action in my life that might prevent this kind of suffering from repeating in the future.  I ask for wisdom in knowing how to engage in conversations in a meaningful way about issues such as sources of gratutious violence in our society, gun control, and health care for the mentally ill.


Let me – let us – not just focus on suffering, but on the Light that resides in all of us, the Love that connects us to each other and the rest of All That Is.  Help us to remember who we truly are, to connect to that Love.  Thank you.

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