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The next time you take a shower, spend some extra time connecting with the Spirit of Water.  Greet her.  Say hello.  Ask her about her travels and listen to her response as she shares her adventures that brought her through clouds, mountain streams, oceans, and possibly city pipes to you.  Thank her for cleansing your body and ask her help in cleansing your mind from troubling images and energies.   Feel the water in your body, how intimately connected you are with Water.  Spend some time in gratitude, and ask her if you can do anything for her.

Once you are conscious of your relationship with Water, treating her well will come more naturally.  You’ll want to protect her out of love, not duty, being more conscious of your water use and the chemicals you pour into the water supply not because someone tells you to, but because you ARE water.

Here are some suggestions for developing your relationship with Water:

  • learn where your water comes from
  • and where it goes after you use it
  • journey / meditate to the spirit of water, developing an ongoing, conscious relationship with her
  • brainstorm with a journal, a sketch pad and some colorful markers through your memories of water throughout your life – are there any painful memories that need to be cleared? or pleasant memories that need to be honored?  what has your relationship with water been?
  • consider if you need to bring more water in your life in general – perhaps a small fountain for your desk at work? is there a place in your life that needs to be loosened up?
  • does your body need to be more hydrated?
  • could you reduce your household water consumption?
  • could you switch from using laundry detergent to chemical free laundry balls such as sold by Gaiam.com? (they work!)
  • let yourself actually get wet in the rain
  • spend time near a river, or the ocean, or some other body of water, and consciously connect with the spirit of water
  • thank Water each time you have something to drink

These are just some ideas to get you started.    Be creative as you get to know Water, and enjoy the new-found flow in your life.

Pacific Ocean at San Simeon, © Lynda Skeen

Creek at Wilbur Hot Springs, © Lynda Skeen

Rio Grande near Santa Fe, New Mexico, © Lynda Skeen


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