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Some of our worst suffering can come when we feel like we’re alone in the universe, or, even worse, when we feel the universe is malevolent.  To heal the wound of isolation, it is important to develop relationships – not just with other humans, but with the other beings we share the universe with.

Much of my personal healing really took off when I woke up to the universe as full of other beings such as Trees, Water, Earth, Air, Fire, the Directions, my Power Animals and other Helping Spirits.  Although I’d meditated and prayed for as long as I could remember, learning to journey was eye opening for me.  I could finally consciously communicate with the energies I’d been feeling around me all my life.

One way I like to connect with them on a regular basis, in addition to journeying, is by acknowledging their energies in my version of the medicine wheel.  I am a spiritual mutt, and don’t belong to any one lineage.  Luckily, the directions and elements don’t belong to any one lineage either.

So here’s something you might try.  Stand quietly with your eyes closed and take a few deep breaths.  Start by facing and acknowledging the spirit of the East, then moving to the South, West, and North and greeting them as well.  Say hello to the Elements – Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Ether.  Breathe deeply and say hello from your heart, acknowledging their presence.  You can do this any time, but a good time to do it is first thing in the morning, before your day gets going.  Feel how you are a part of All That Is, how you are not separate from the rest of creation.  Feel the love and peace in your heart that come from knowing that you are not alone, and that come from these compassionate beings themselves.

I recently returned from a wonderful week-long workshop taught in rural Wisconsin by Betsy Bergstrom, and am having a bit of difficulty returning to my “real life.”  The sadness I am feeling at not being able to run around in the woods every day (I live and work in Los Angeles), or of sitting in circle with other practitioners and teachers, is reminding me of another kind of suffering – the kind of suffering that comes from knowing you’re not alone, but being homesick for deeply connecting at a raised vibration with other people and compassionate spirits.  My helping spirits are reminding me that although as humans we will feel loss and other uncomfortable emotions from time to time, it can make all the difference to experience them while knowing we aren’t alone.

So plugging in energetically to All That Is, to the Directions and Elements, to our Helping Spirits and other allies, as well as our friends and family in physical form, is really important in terms of easing suffering.  Regularly and frequently.  Just knowing we are loved makes all the difference.

Many blessings on your journey through your day.


Here are some photos I took while at the workshop in Wisconsin.  From the large to the small and everything in between, we are surrounded by beauty and love!


Feather, © Lynda Skeen


Rainbow, © Lynda Skeen


Tree bark, © Lynda Skeen


Boxelder bugs, © Lynda Skeen


Late Summer Wisconsin Field, © Lynda Skeen


Butterfly on wildflowers, © Lynda Skeen


Wisconsin Overlook, © Lynda Skeen


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