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Minding Our Manners

It can be easy to forget our manners sometimes when we’re working with our helping spirits. We can get so focused on our intentions for the healing work we’re doing, on the questions we’re asking, on the pain we’re trying to get relief from, that we forget the common courtesies of saying hello and good-bye, of please and thank you.

We share the universe with other beings in an infinite variety of forms, whether they’re our power animals and other helping spirits in non-physical form, our family and friends in human form, trees and water and air and other non-human physical beings – the list is endless. Regardless of whether we’re ordering a cup of coffee from a human in a coffee shop or journeying to our helping spirits for advice, we must always remember to say “please,” and then pay for what we’ve gotten with some kind of exchange of energy, whether that’s money, a heartfelt thank-you, or some kind of reciprocal action.

I like to take gratitude journeys sometimes just to hang out with my helping spirits, to thank them for all of their assistance both in my life and in the lives of my clients, and to just enjoy their company. They don’t have bodies, and sometimes they will want to experience going for a walk under the blooming purple jacaranda trees, or would like me to sing to them. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. It’s just about relationship.

So when you journey, greet your helping spirits with a loving hello rather than just blustering in with your requests for the journey, and before you return to ordinary reality, thank them for the work they’ve done with you. If nothing else, it’s just common courtesy.

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Loving; Letting Go

When someone you love dies, let your heart break.  Let yourself grieve.  Let them go.  Don’t hold them back from the next stage of their spiritual journey just because you’ll miss them.  Let them go, knowing that on some level you will always be connected to them, and that after they have left the land of the living, they can return, but that they need to finish crossing over first.  This is my understanding of the death process at this point.  It applies to pets as well.  To anything passing from the physical to the nonphysical.

My husband and I lost one of our pets this weekend.  My heart is breaking.  I am grieving.  I am letting her go.  I am missing her, but thanking her for the 12 years of companionship even as I mourn her passing.  She wouldn’t want me to swear off loving other animals just because of the pain of separation.  And neither would the human companions in my life.

Keep your heart open.  Let yourself love.  Physical form will come and go.  Then more physical forms will come and go.  And without love in the experience, there will just be pain.  Let yourself love.  Let yourself have companionship.  Then let them go when it’s time for them to move on, whether they’re human, animal, or some other life form.

Rest in peace, Smudge.  Thank you for 12 years of companionship.

Smudge, © Lynda Skeen

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