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I asked one of my helping spirits if he believed in God.

He opened his huge, beautiful, golden brown Owl wings and floated on a current of wind.

“That’s like asking if I believe in Air,” he said.

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I read my first e-book the other day, after several earlier aborted attempts.  I’ve always loved books, and had a hard time making the transition.  I’ll never fully give up books, and I hope I never have to.  I love the way they feel, the way they smell.  I love their colors and textures on my bookshelves, old friends who have taken me to places and insights over the years, who I love to revisit again and again.  If I’m working on a writing project, I can spread them around me on my desk, flipping back and forth between articles, underlining and taking notes and culling the information I need.

But e-books have their good points as well.  I am learning to appreciate their portability and am trying not to think so much about the fact that you will always need a power source to access them.  I like the fact that I can look up the definition of any word.  And I’m trying to find some other things to like about them.  Little by little.

When I teach my clients how to journey, or how to meditate, or how to welcome a soul part back into their life, the process can be the same for them.  It can take a lot of practice, as with any new skill.  If you want to make room for something in your life, it’s ok to take one step at a time.  You don’t have to, for instance, get rid of all your books and go totally digital.  If you’re integrating a soul part, you don’t have to totally understand all the intricacies of the blessings it brings – just little by little let it become part of your life. (See also http://wp.me/p1FkFN-2K.)

So, don’t get discouraged as you experiment with new skills and new experiences.  You’ll like some and not others; will be great at some and dismally poor at others.  It doesn’t matter – just keep continuing to grow and to try new things.   And enjoy the process!


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