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Making New Year’s Resolutions can be a pretty harsh way to bring in the New Year, so I’d like to suggest making a Prayer Stick as a gentler, more loving way to motivate yourself to make changes in your life as well as to invite the universe to conspire with you.  I am posting this a couple of weeks before the New Year so you’ll have time to make one if you’d like.

(If you do end up doing resolutions, and your resolution is something you don’t want to do, I would suggest also resolving to do something as well so that you’re not leaving a vacuum where the old behavior was.   For instance, if your resolution is to quit smoking, I would suggest also resolving to take up yoga or some other form of exercise that focuses on the breath.)

Spend some time in quiet self reflection to think about what changes would you like to see in your life next year.  Focus your intention on positive, life-affirming changes.  Set yourself up to succeed, not to fail.

To make a prayer stick, you’ll need at least one stick, usually at least a foot or so in length, as well as ribbons, string, feathers, and anything else you’d like to decorate your stick with.*   Then, as you decorate the stick, focus your intention on your prayer for the New Year.  When you’re finished, place the stick somewhere where you can see it on a regular basis, such as in a potted plant near a doorway in your home.  Each time you walk by your prayer stick, take a deep breath and refocus your intention, sending your prayer to Spirit.  At some point, maybe in a few weeks, maybe in a few months, when you feel your prayer has been answered, release your prayer stick to the earth by burying, burning, or in some other way letting it go.

*A prayer stick can be as simple as a stick and a feather, or it can be an elaborate piece of art – just remember that if you plan on burning it, make sure the items you decorate your stick with are burnable.

Have fun!  I wish you a very peaceful, healthy, and blessed New Year.  And I’d love to hear about your prayer stick experiences if you’d like to share them.

Here is a picture of a prayer stick I made a few years ago.   They are a great tool to help focus your intention, any time of the year.

© Lynda Skeen

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The last line in William Baldwin’s 417-page Spirit Releasement Therapy book was this:  “Above and beyond anything else, far more fundamental than any technique or process, the most vital and essential aspect of this clinical paradigm is the infinite and eternal healing power of total, absolute, non-judgmental and unconditional love.”

Techniques are important, but love is what heals.  Love and something profoundly mysterious that is beyond all words and techniques.

© Lynda Skeen

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We are wrapping up a couple days of strong Santa Ana winds here in Southern California.  The streets looked like a war zone the morning after the first night of them – eight-foot long dead palm fronds lay all over the roads; newly planted camphor trees were snapped in half even in their supports; leaves and plastic bags and pieces of clothing were in places you don’t normally see leaves and plastic bags and pieces of clothing; traffic lights sat dark at their posts.

Personally, I find the Santa Ana’s energizing, but I know they can be destructive.  I know to batten down anything loose in our back yard, including small animals and the lawn chairs.

The wind is neutral though.  It will clean out dead palm trees, which is a good thing, as well as snuff out young camphors, which doesn’t seem so good.  But the wind is neutral.

If you have just had a soul retrieval, or spirit release, or some other form of deep healing, please take care of yourself.   Small trees can’t get out of high winds, but as humans we have volition.  We can take care of ourselves and lay low for awhile if we need to.  Let yourself have as much quiet time as you need after profound healing experiences so that you can integrate the shifts in energies.  Take care of yourself.  Nurture yourself.  Love yourself.   Thank yourself.  Let the changes take root.  Let the healing settle in and deepen.

And then, when you’re feeling stronger, go out and enjoy the winds.

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